So you think you can rally eh?


Staples to Naples 2008

"Traditionally" a classic format banger rally from those nice people at Street Safari, Staples2Naples should be a simple rally taking in the sights of Western Europe and should have followed a route something like this:

  1. Calais, France
  2. Sarnen, Switzerland
  3. Aprica, Italy
  4. Viterbo, Italy
  5. Naples, Italy

Which courtesy of those other nice people at Google would look something like this...

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... what really happened ...

Well, it turns out that we both share the same masochistic love of trying to drive in as many countries as possible in a single day. That sounds great in principle but you end up covering a fucking lot of mileage. Let me explain...

  1. Dunkerque, France - The ferry was 10p cheaper!
  2. Calais, France - The starting line
  3. Eindhoven, Netherlands - Pit-stop at the PSV Eindhoven ground
  4. Freiburg, Germany - Kebab break, everyone has to eat
  5. Sarnen, Switzerland - 1 day, 6 countries, just the start!
  6. Aprica, Switzerland - Swiss alps with chronic travel sickness & a hangover!
  7. Venice, Italy - Good photo opportunity - and a baguette!
  8. Ljubljana, Slovenia - We'd seen some others in Venice, not to be outdone we went to Slovenia :)
  9. Rijeka, Croatia - You thought we'd stop at two extra countries?
  10. Viterbo, Italy - Eyes bleeding, another night sleeping in our car!
  11. Ancona, Italy - A popular holiday destination - well we were on holiday!
  12. Rome, Italy - A quiet day of sight-seeing and parking nightmares.
  13. Ancona, Italy - Overnight ferry to Split, Croatia so we can take in the coast.
  14. Split, Croatia - 7am arrival; time for a city tour... and an ice-cream

Which Google says looks something like this...

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Not too bad eh? That was just the first leg!

  1. Split, Croatia - Leg 2 begins
  2. Zadar, Croatia - Probably the best view in the world
  3. Rijeka, Croatia - Can you say wrong direction?
  4. Zagreb, Croatia - Back on track, need another country to make up for it
  5. Budapest, Hungary - Memory games & Burger King vs Dave - Round 2
  6. Bratislava, Slovakia - Gateway to the East
  7. Brno, Czech Republic - Just another country probably the worst stop of the trip
  8. Vienna, Austria - Bike rides & boozing & hitching a ride
  9. Stuttgart, Germany - Oktoberfest 2008, what a co-incidence!
  10. Dunkerque, France - Nostalgic journey home.

Which Google says looks something like this...

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How do you top that?

Well, "plans" for 2009 are under-way to perform more self-flagellation.

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