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Road to Russia 2009
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Road to Russia 2009

Well we decided that we didn't kill each other last time so we should give it another go this year. We really liked the look of some of longer rallies like the Valhalla Run but it wasn't running this year which meant we had to either look for another one or do some of our own prep.

Of course we would like someone to have done all the work for us but we're too lazy and dis-organized to make it on to one of the other rallies. Where did that leave us? We had some places we wanted to visit and no clue...

  1. Swiss Alps
  2. South Eastern Europe (Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia)
  3. Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
  5. Russia
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. North Eastern Europe (Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  8. Finland
  9. Sweden
  10. Norway

Route options

Depending on how we're feeling it could be nothing like one of these...

... what happened?

It's all over now - but check out the "plan" we had just before we left.

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