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Monkey Madness 2010
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Monkey Madness 2010

Sometimes in life it's time to "fish or cut bait". Well - Dave decided on the former and is getting married. As a final fling with freedom we're taking a weekend tour-de-madness down to Gibraltar - banger-rally style!

Of course; we've got some random planned stops on the way...

  1. Le Mans 24hr Track
  2. Lyon - Capital of French cuisine?
  3. Lac d'Aiguebelette - A large natural lake
  4. Fr�jus Rd Tunnel - Worlds 6th largest road tunnel
  5. Turin - You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!
  6. Monaco - €€€
  7. Arles - Amphitheatre from Ronin
  8. Encamp, Andorra - One country we haven't driven to!
  9. Odeillo - Site of the largest and oldest solar furnace
  10. Gibraltar - Monkey Madness
  11. San Sebastian - Plymouths better looking twin

Route "Plan"

Check out the "daily route plan".

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